So What Kind of Hawaii
Wedding are You Dreaming of?

Are you dreaming of a Hawaii wedding? Hawaii is one of the most popular wedding locations in the world. It’s not too hard to envision why.

There’s something special about the fragrant air and tropical beaches.

What do you think of when you imagine your own Hawaiian wedding?

The surf at your bare feet with a ukulele in the back ground?

A gazebo on the manicured grounds of a lavish resort? Tropical flowers filling the air.

Or maybe the top of a green mountain, the base of a rushing waterfall, or the middle of an inactive volcano?

Whatever you desire, the Hawaiian islands have all this and more. They are the backdrop for thousands of destination weddings per year. Whether you are from the mainland or halfway around the world, you’ll be welcomed with the famous Aloha spirit for your Hawaiian wedding.


You can plan the wedding of your dreams yourself without even being in Hawaii. No need to search endlessly for each piece of the puzzle. There are Hawaiian vendors who work with long distance brides every day. They are able to help you decide on your dress, cake, rings, location and anything else you may need.

A wedding planner is also a popular option for a destination wedding. There are many experienced ones available and I’ll show you how to choose the perfect one. But, with the wealth of information here you may decide that doing it yourself is the way to go!

Every island has it’s own unique flair. With your own ideas, and a little help, you’ll have the Hawaiian wedding of your dreams. Come, take a look around, and begin your Hawaii wedding planning adventure.

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Hawaii Wedding Search: Hawaii Wedding Guide
Welcome to the best place to do a Hawaii wedding search.
Hawaii Wedding Blog
The Hawaii wedding blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the web site. Subscribe here.
Hawaii Travel Packages: The Perfect Choice For Your Destination Wedding
Using Hawaii travel packages ensures you a stress free, beautiful Hawaiian wedding that won't cost a fortune.
Hawaii Travel Deals, Hawaii Travel Agencies
Hawaii travel deals and destination wedding travel packages are easy to come by with a little planning. Start your search with Hawaii travel agents or even with resorts and wedding planners.
Informal Wedding Dresses for a Fun and Classy Look
Informal wedding dresses are becoming very popular for many different wedding types. There is one to fit most occasions, tastes and budgets.
Beach Wedding Dress: Simple, Informal, Beautiful
A beach wedding dress, casual or elegant destination wedding dress. An informal beach wedding dress, simple wedding dress or elegant wedding dress, you decide.
Examples of Wedding Invitations, Destination Wedding Invitations
Here are some examples of wedding invitations that will help you choose, address and word them correctly. Even some beach theme wedding invitations for your destination wedding.
Wording Wedding Invitations: Perfect Presentation
Wording wedding invitations and addressing them correctly can be intimidating. Use this easy guide to get you there smoothly.
An Easy Destination Wedding Checklist to Help you Plan your Wedding Day
A destination wedding checklist is the easiest way to keep you on track with what can be an overwhelming task. Use this wedding guide to get you there.
Hawaii Activities To Make Your Wedding Unforgettable
Hawaii activities are what a destination wedding in hawaii is all about. Have fun with your guests in paradise.
Wedding Website: Keep Everyone Up To Date
Your wedding website will allow you to keep everyone up to date on everything about your wedding. They are easy to use, update and are economical.
Getting Married in Hawaii is Easy with a Hawaii Marriage License
Getting married in Hawaii is easy if you follow the simple Hawaii marriage laws.
Hawaiian Flowers are Exotic, Diverse and Beautiful
Hawaiian flowers have color fragrance and beauty. They are a wonderful addition to any wedding or celebration.
Hawaii Wedding Photographer for Beautiful Memories
A Hawaii wedding photographer can make your wedding in paradise a beautiful memory that will be cherished forever.
Destination Wedding Planning: Finding Destination Wedding Planners
Destination wedding planning can be done with lots of research or with destination wedding planners. You have many options for a Hawaii destination wedding planner.
Destination Wedding Etiquette: Planning a Destination Wedding
Keep proper destination wedding etiquette in mind when planning your destination wedding. Planning ideas for your destination wedding to make sure there are no hurt feelings.
Catholic Marriage in Hawaii: Catholic Destination Wedding
A Catholic marriage in Hawaii will be remembered by everyone for years to come. You can have a Catholic destination wedding in Hawaii.
Wedding Magazines: Great for Planning
Wedding magazines are the perfect way to plan your Hawaii destination wedding. There's no need to pay full price!
Hawaii Time Zone: Current Time in Hawaii
Hawaii time zone information with current time in Hawaii and daylight saving time.
Map of Hawaii, Hawaii Wedding Guide
A map of Hawaii to help you navigate the islands.
Hawaiian Wedding Prayer: Our Father Lord's Prayer in Hawaiian
The Hawaiian wedding prayer is a beautiful way to add aloha into your wedding ceremony.
Hawaiian Recipes: Enjoy The Taste Of Hawaii At Home
Delicious Hawaiian recipes are the heart of Hawaii. Enjoy these treats at your own luau, party or after returning home from Hawaii.
Wedding Articles: Wedding Guide
Wedding articles: Keep up to date on the latest trends, newest information and best wedding ideas!
A Store For All Your Destination Wedding Needs
A store for all of your Hawaii destination wedding needs. Dresses, rings, wedding website, invitations and everything else you will need for your day in paradise.
About Me and Hawaii Weddings
How a mom began her work from home career with SBI. Now her love of Hawaii and weddings are her new career.
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Please contact me with any questions you may have about your Hawaii destination wedding or Hawaii Wedding Guide
A Hawaii Wedding for Everyone
The e-zine for those who desire their own special and tropical Hawaii wedding.
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