When Addressing a Wedding Invitation, Etiquette is Important

Address your wedding invitations with these simple rules

When you are addressing a wedding invitation, is etiquette one of the first things you think of? It really should be. Your wedding invitations will be the first thing to introduce your guests to your wedding. You want to be sure to make a good impression.

It won't require too much extra effort if you just follow a few simple rules. Having proper wedding invitation etiquette will let your friends and family know you care enough to put forth the effort.

  • Addressing wedding invitations is a big part of proper etiquette. If you are able to address the wedding invitations correctly you have almost won the battle.

  • It's best to hand write or use beautifully crafted calligraphy writing for the envelopes rather than using labels or computer printing. While they may make it faster, they really don't make a very good impression.

  • You aren't writing full sentences. You will only use punctuation for times, dates and between locations.

  • It is considered bad etiquette to let your guests know no children, where you are registered or if you would prefer money as a wedding gift in your invitation. These are best left to word of mouth. If you don't want children, be sure not to include them on the inner envelope and let a few key people know.

  • Send out invitations at least 6-8 weeks before the event. For your destination wedding be sure to send out save the date cards 6-12 months before, if you have time. It's a good idea to include a travel and accommodation card with this as well. If you are making arrangements for blocked rooms or discounted airfare with a travel agent, be sure to include their contact information as well so everyone can make their arrangements.

Be sure to take your time with your wedding invitation. Address them correctly and follow the rules here and you'll be fine. Remember when addressing your wedding invitation the etiquette will set the tone for your wedding.

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