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Having a Catholic Hawaii wedding can be a dream come true. You will often hear that a Catholic destination wedding isn't possible. This simply isn't true. With a little extra preparation it can be done beautifully. The Diocese of Honolulu

will help guide you through the preparations for your Hawaiian Catholic wedding. There are many traditional Roman Catholic weddings held in Hawaii. While planning a Catholic wedding may take a little extra time and paperwork, it will be well worth it in the end.

Too be sure, Catholic wedding ceremonies aren't as easy to throw together as most non Catholic destination weddings, but there won't be many extra steps compared to having a Catholic wedding at home.

Your first step will be to read the guidelines set forth by the Honolulu Diocese and then to contact your local parish priest. He will help you begin the process. He will guide you in the paperwork and help put the pieces together just as he would at home. The Diocese in Hawaii will also do a good portion as the paperwork will need to go there and they are actually taking care of it.

You will be expected to do the classes and paperwork necessary for all Catholic weddings. Give yourself 6 months to 1 year to plan your wedding if possible. It can be done much, much faster if your local priest is able to work with you. Your local priest will let you know how long the classes and paperwork should take.

The paperwork from your priest to the Honolulu Diocese (or island where you will get married) should be there at least 3 months before your wedding. It is best to also contact them much earlier to arrange for the date of the wedding in the church of your choice.

Not all churches in Hawaii may be available for your wedding so you will want to work with them to find the right one for you and your guests. The great part is that you will have many wonderful choices.

With the help of your local priest and the Hawaii Diocese you will have the Catholic Hawaii wedding of your dreams on a beautiful, tropical island.

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