Catholic Rosary

A Perfect Spiritual Choice

Catholic rosary beads are perfect as a gift to a wedding couple or for the bride and groom to give to each other. With so many different ways to celebrate your Catholic union, this will be one to share and enjoy for life.

They can also be lovely and unique gifts for your attendants. You can choose colors to coordinate with your wedding, pick a saint that is special for each person or even use stones that are for their birth month. You may even want to consider giving one to each of the other's parents for gifts. This will be a lovely and unexpected gift.

There are several ways to express yourself and your love. You can choose rosaries based on color, design or a preferred saint. All have special meaning and make praying the rosary that much more special.

Here are some of the more common choices and even some unique one.

  • Wedding rosaries are a beautiful way for a wedding couple to start their new life together.

  • A rosary necklace is great to be able to wear to church or for your ceremony.

  • A rosary bracelet is nice to wear for daily prayer.

  • Chaplets are perfect for prayer to your preferred Saint.

  • Gemstone rosaries are beautiful expressions. Choose your birthstone or favorite stone.

  • A gold rosary will go well with your other jewelry and can be worn easily.

  • Wooden rosaries are beautiful and very traditional.

  • Silver rosaries, like gold, can match other jewelry and be worn easily.

  • Crystal rosaries are seen frequently. They come in many colors and shapes. Swarovski is probably the most well known, however there are many beautiful brands available.

Weddings are an invitation to share in a couple's happy day and to participate in their wedding celebration. By doing so you are encouraging a lifetime of love.

By choosing a beautiful rosary, you are sending them (or each other) on the beginning of their married life together with a wonderful blessing.

If a marriage starts off and continues a prayerful life, it will make a secure marriage. A Catholic rosary will continue as a treasured heirloom for generations to come.

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