Cheap Beach Wedding Dresses

Great ideas for finding inexpensive dresses for your beach wedding

Looking for cheap beach wedding dresses? You're not alone. Destination weddings are gaining in popularity and beach weddings are on the rise as well. Finding the right dress at an affordable price is high on the list of many brides.

Choosing dresses for a beach wedding leaves you with tons of options, and they are all very affordable. Begin your search at a large online retailer or search your favorite department store to find not only a great selection, but very affordable prices.

Make your own Wedding Dress

If you know how to sew, you're in luck. There are an increasing number of beautiful wedding dress patterns out there to choose from.

You could look for simple wedding dress designs. Beach wedding dresses don't need to be full of sequins, pearls and an elaborate pattern. Even if you don't know how to sew, you may know someone who would be happy to do it for you. (Maybe even as a wonderful wedding gift)

Informal Wedding Dress

Picking out informal wedding dresses or even a sarong would be perfect for the beach. Be sure to choose something in a lighter fabric and with less details sewn into the dress.

Consider shopping at the stores you normally do. They will have the designs that you already enjoy. If you are looking in the spring or summer you will have lots of choices, but don't give up on the other seasons.

Second Hand Wedding Dresses

Although you may not have thought about it, a second hand wedding dress is the perfect choice. Don't be discouraged by the thought of it. You may even have one in the family that you would love to wear and that your loved one would be honored to hand down.

Look in the classifieds, craigslist, at second hand shops or online. You will be surprised at the amount to choose from and the great prices.

A used wedding dress is usually well taken care of, cleaned and preserved. You may even find one that hasn't been worn. It happens much more often than you might think.

cheap beach wedding dresses

Tea Length Wedding Dresses

Tea length wedding dresses are perfect as a beach dress. A wedding dress doesn't need to be sweeping the ground. It won't need to come from a wedding dress designer either. It can come off the rack from one of your favorite stores.

Prom Dresses as a Wedding Dress

Consider a prom dress. You'll find many white ones and they won't be as formal as a full wedding gown. You will find many that are strapless or with spaghetti straps. Perfect for your sunny beach wedding.

Just consider thinking outside of the box and you may come up with even more great ideas. Cheap beach wedding dresses are easy to come by. And you can look like a million bucks!

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