Current Time in Maui

Hawaii Time and The Maui Time Zone

The current time in Maui is the same as throughout the entire Hawaiian Islands. The Maui time zone is in the Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (HST).

None of the Hawaiian Islands practice Daylight Saving Time (DST), so they are 2 hours earlier than Pacific Standard Time and 3 hours earlier than Pacific Daylight Time.

Depending on where you are located you may benefit from this time difference. When you are communicating with vendors in Maui or Hawaii, with the time difference you may be able to speak with them late into the evening. Be sure to check the time before making phone calls though, as it may be the middle of the night for them.

You can use this clock to check the local time in Maui. The current local time in Maui is:

Planning for your wedding takes some time and probably will require some phone calls to Hawaii as well. So, remember to check this handy clock when you need to call or when you are making plans for your wedding in Maui.

You may find a vendor who prefers to actually speak with you often. If this is so, you may be able to work out a schedule with them so you aren't playing phone tag. If this is their preferred contact, they will probably have this all worked out.

If you can email frequently you may find that more convenient so you won't need to worry about calling at the right time. Many vendors check their emails frequently to keep in touch.

But, if you do decide to make some calls you will want to be sure to have the current time in Maui before making those long distance calls. You will save tons of time and headache.

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