Destination Wedding
Invitation Wording

Word Your Wedding Invitations Correctly

When you are sitting at the table, scratching your head, wondering about your destination wedding invitation wording, just refer to this list and you'll be fine.

A destination wedding is usually less formal than a large traditional church wedding. Especially if you are in Hawaii on a beach. With that being said, while your destination wedding invitations can also be less formal you will still want to follow good etiquette. Keep these rules by your side as you write out your invitations or give them to your calligrapher for easy reference.

Proper Wording for Destination Wedding Invitations

  • When addressing wedding invitations, be sure to address each person correctly.

  • It's best to avoid abbreviations and punctuation. Spell each word in full, including names of places, cities, states and addresses. The exception to this is St.(Saint) and Mt.(Mount) for the addresses and Mr., Miss and Ms. for the outer envelope.

  • The date should be spelled out, Sunday the sixth of August. The year may be spelled out (two thousand and seven) or written numerically for a less formal invitation.

  • Write names in full, including the middle name. It is preferable to omit a middle name rather than use an initial.

  • Use roman numerals in names instead of the second or 2nd And definitely don't use Jr.

  • If the ceremony is in church use request the honor of your presence. Ceremonies in a non-religious area should use request the pleasure of your company.

  • The opening of the invitation needs to reflect who is hosting the wedding. Mr. and Mrs. John Smith request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter Sabrina Christine to John Christopher Jones.

  • The inner envelope should always be addressed to the recipients by first name.

Don't let this overwhelm you. Do a couple and refer to this guide often. You will find that it will get easier as you go.

By following these (fairly) simple destination wedding invitation wording guidelines your guests will appreciate that you took the time to do them, not only beautifully, but properly as well.

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