Destination Wedding Invitations

Using unique destination wedding invitation

Destination wedding invitations...Gorgeous tropical beaches, stunning sunsets and crystal clear waters. These are all great reasons to have a destination wedding and some of the most popular locations. They are also great things to include in your wedding invitations.

Not literally, of course. But, to include the feeling of these are simple to do and will have all of your guests in the mood for your wedding long before it arrives. You can create your own version of paradise.

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destination wedding invitations

Wedding Invitaion Ideas

With destination weddings on the rise in popularity, there are more choices than ever for a truly unique wedding invitation. You can set the tone before anyone even boards a plane.

Choosing handmade wedding invitations are the easiest way to have exactly what you want. The colors, details, wording and paper type are all chosen by you. The artist that handcrafts your wedding invitations can also make your save the date cards and thank you cards. Doing this allows you to carry your theme throughout.

Tropical Wedding Invitations

If you are truly wanting a tropical feel for your wedding, you can start with your invitations. There are many different ways to go about this so you can have your own look without being like everyone else.

Beach theme wedding invitations are a specific choice that is easy to do. It is still popular to use shells and sand in the invitation to let the guest begin to get into the spirit of your destination wedding.

If you would like Hawaiian wedding invitations you can choose paper with a famous background on it or the site of your wedding.

There are many great invitation companies that are catering to destination weddings with their lines. These will generally be themed towards beaches, flowers etc. This is a good way to get tropical wedding invitations without the added cost of a handmade invitation.

Elegant Wedding Invitation

You can also find or create a beautiful invitation with more classic lines and colors. Choosing a more monochromatic color scheme will have a more traditional and classic feel. Choose beige, white and creams for this theme.

You can easily carry this color scheme into the rest of your wedding. Use these colors for your clothes, decorations on the beach and decorations at dinner. It will be a quiet and understated look that fits in well at the beach or in a garden.

Choosing your invitations should be fun, get creative. Look around and see all the great destination wedding invitations that you have to choose from.

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