Destination Wedding Planning

Destination wedding planning
a destination wedding

Destination wedding planning, especially a Hawaii wedding, can be a little intimidating. Planning for most destination weddings takes place from long distance. This can make your preparations more difficult.

How do you go about finding all of your vendors? The easy way is to look into wedding planners.

Not every Hawaii wedding planner is created equal. Be sure to do your research and take the time to speak with them.

Are they willing to listen and plan according to your dreams? Or, are they eager to put you into a wedding package that doesn't suit your needs.

Don't get me wrong. Hawaii wedding packages are a very economical way to go. Many times couples are able to find a package that suits them to a tee.

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destination wedding planning

If you don't see a package that works for you, the planner should be able to create what you desire.

This often works very well in the Hawaiian resorts. Many have wedding planners on site and several wonderful packages to choose from. They often have an extensive ala carte list, as well, which will allow you to customize your wedding and reception.

They will take your destination wedding planning to the next level. Their packages can be beautifully simple or incredibly extravagant.

Hawaiian Vacation Packages for your Destination Wedding

Speaking of packages, they aren't only for weddings. If you look at Hawaiian vacation packages, as well, you will be surprised with the money you will save.

By using a travel agent, you will find that a package will get you the most for your money. They are able to combine the flight, hotel or resort, activities and car rental.

By doing this you will save a considerable amount. These packages aren't advertised on Expedia and Travelocity, only through the vendors that are available to travel agents.

If you are looking only for a flight, you are usually better off with one of the large discounters.

All of the Hawaiian Islands have lots of wedding options. The most popular island is Maui.

Maui wedding planners and Maui wedding coordinators are great ways to go. They will be able to line you up with all of the wedding vendors to make your day exactly as you envision it will be.

The second most popular island is Oahu. You have many different venue options that your Oahu wedding planner can direct you to. The island is the most populated so, it can be more difficult to find a secluded spot. If you would like a resort, though, there are fabulous choices available.

The Big Island, Kauai, Molokai and Lanai are used less frequently. Although there aren't as many different wedding planners available for these islands, there are some who will work solely there or are willing to travel from other islands for your day. You will be able to easily find a beautiful and secluded spot for your wedding, which can be a big plus.

So, when you are ready for all of the wedding details, be sure to check into the packages available. Also, remember that using a wedding planner can be the perfect way to do stress free destination wedding planning.

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