Elegant Wedding Invitation

Set the tone for your wedding with these wedding invitations ideas

There are many choices to be made for your wedding. Choosing an elegant wedding invitation will set the tone for your wedding day. It's easy to find great online invitation companies who are familiar with the needs of couples having a destination wedding.

When sending wedding invitations, save the date cards or thank you notes it's important to stay with the same theme, color and style of your wedding. This will tie everything together easily.

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elegant wedding invitation

When choosing more formal wedding invitations, select less vibrant colors. Beiges, creams and whites are good. They just give you a more elegant and luxurious feel. Heavier weight papers are also a good choice.

When using flowers in the invitation, choose a calla lily or orchid (great for a wedding in Hawaii) over a daisy or carnation. These will provide a more formal feel to the invitation.

Use Proper Wedding Etiquette

Proper wedding etiquette dictates that you follow some simple rules when doing the wording for wedding invitations . You will have a much more elegant feel if you follow these suggestions for wording wedding invitations.

Although you can still get a little creative if you wish, staying with the tried and true will give that elegant feel that you desire.

Formal Wedding Invitations

When you are looking for a more elegant invitation, often it is assumed that you will need a formal wedding invitation. While this is probably the most common option, you can still go with a more casual wedding invitation and keep it simple for an elegant feel.

Destination wedding invitations can really be anything you want. Formal, casual or even over the top. There are no rules that need to be followed. If you would like to have a more elegant feel though, stay away from some of the color choices that are more out there. l

No bright or flashy colors or designs. Stick with a more monochromatic design and color choices. Also try to stay away from the super trendy. An elegant design should last the test of time. Fushia and turquoise probably won't.

An elegant wedding invitation has it's place in a destination wedding if you so choose. Remember at home or away, it is still your wedding and you get to make all the choices that work for you.

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