Flowers of Hawaii

Beautiful as the Hawaiian Islands

The incredible flowers of Hawaii are as diverse and beautiful as the Hawaiian Islands are themselves. They are exotic and traditional, fragrant and yet simple.

One of the most well known is the Hawaii state flower. The yellow hibiscus, or pua aloalo, is a large bush that can grow to 5 feet high. The flowers are delicate and come in many colors and even different types of petals. They are a wonderful tropical wedding flower.

You can order all of your beautiful wedding flowers directly from the growers and florists of Hawaii.

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flowers of hawaii

The strelitzia, better known as the bird of paradise, is also a very well known Hawaiian flower. They are the epitome of exotic. They are almost wax like in their perfection. They are great for a simple flower arrangement or bouquet.

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bird of paradise

Anthuriums are very exotic looking. They are huge , often colorful, leaves (which look like a flower) and a large central spadix. It often has mutliple colors and is said to resemble a flamingo's bright colors.

Plumeria are very beautiful and incredibly fragrant. You will find many items are scented with the plumeria. Lotions, soaps and even cosmetics are can often be found with a plumeria scent.

Plumeria are the flower of choice for Hawaii leis. Not only are they colorful, but they hold their scent very well.

You will also find them frequently in Hawaiian wedding leis, boutonnieres, corsages and table arrangements. They are especially wonderful with an outdoor wedding. The breeze will catch the scent and send it around the party.

Hawaiian flowers are a great addition to any celebration. Use as a simple touch or as a full blown tropical wonder.

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