Handmade Wedding Invitations

Your Own Unique Style

Handmade wedding invitations...There are a lot of companies out there that are selling wedding invitations. They all have something to offer so how are you supposed to pick one?

Choosing handmade invitations over printed invitations is an easy choice to make after you see some of the incredibly beautiful ones that are available.

You really have several options for handmade invitations. If you know how to scrapbook you can make them yourself.

Your Handmade Wedding Invitation

handmade wedding invitations

Most hand made wedding invitations are done by small companies that are often run out of their home. Don't confuse this with lack of quality. The attention to detail is incredible and you have so many more options.

When wedding invitations are hand made, the bride and groom choose everything.

The card stock is the base. You can choose a single color or a printed page. The next level is the vellum. It can be clear or opaque. This is where the invitation is printed. It can be done with a computer or with calligraphy.

Then the invitation is put together with embellishments. Ribbons, raffia, wax and wire are all popular choices. Next you can choose to add shells, leaves, sand or anything else that ties in with your theme.

This is a simple view of the creativity that goes on. Who ever creates the handmade and custom wedding invitations for you will ask you many questions to get a feel for what you wish to see in the invitation. You will get to make all the decisions for your personalized look.

So take the time to look around and I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the different handmade invitations that you have to choose from.

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