Hawaii Luau

A Traditional Hawaiian Party With Luau Recipes

The Hawaii luau has been around for many generations. The word "luau" (pronounced loo-ow) comes from a traditional dish with chicken and coconut milk, cooked in taro leaves.

In early Hawaii, the men and women or royalty and commoners, all dined separately. That came to an end in 1819 when King Kamenamena II had a great feast, including everyone, and abolished the long held religious beliefs of separation.

hawaii luau

The party lasted for days, and the luau was born.

Today, when mainlanders think of a luau, they think of the commercial hotel venues. These are lavish affairs for the tourists (and are not to be missed on a Hawaii trip). They include lots of great food and traditional music and dance.

If you are planning a Hawaii wedding, it is much easier to have your activities planned and paid for in advance. This Hawaiian activities company has several great ones to choose from.

For todays Hawaiian family, a luau is a party or celebration. They are thrown for birthdays, graduations, retirements, baby showers, bridal showers and weddings. They are often pot luck and family and friends will bring their favorite recipes, and music.

You can throw your own Hawaiian luau at home. Have one for an after wedding celebration or summer party.

  • Find a reason to have a party (ok, not so hard)
  • Create some wonderful Hawaiian decorations. Be sure to include tiki lights and Hawaiian gifts.
  • Use some fabulous Hawaiian Flowers from a Hawaiian florist. Have fresh Hawaiian flowers sent right to you!
  • Order some fun Hawaiian shirts
  • for everyone.
  • Use some traditional luau hawaiian recipes (and some not so traditional).
  • Include some Hawaiian music, either live or recorded.

A celebration is a great reason to throw a Hawaii luau, even if you aren't in the islands. They are about family, friends and having fun, Aloha style.

photo credit Hawaii tourism Japan(HTJ)

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