Hawaii Wedding Activities:
Have Some Fun

Getting married in Hawaii is wonderful for so many reasons. Your Hawaii wedding activities will give you and your guests a chance to have some fun and really connect.

There's something for everyone to do here. Many activities can be centered around the water. Surfing, snorkeling, swimming and just enjoying the sun and beach.

There's excellent hiking on all of the islands. You can hike nice comfortable and scenic trails or up the side of a mountain. Either way you will get to see something amazing and smell the fresh flowers. (Both are great in my book!) If you are into any kind of adventure activities take a look at Hawaii travel adventures for some ideas to keep everyone busy.

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Each island has it's own special and unique feel. On Maui you can bike ride down a steep (and gorgeous) road. From December through April is the time to see the incredible humpback whales. They migrate to Maui from the north for the winter. There are several excursions to choose from.

A nice site to get a feel for the history of Maui is The Maui Lahaina Sun. It has great stories of Maui told from the perspective of a newspaper writer.

Oahu has great hiking and history. You can see the Dole pineapple plantation or go to a luau.

Kauai has the beautiful Waimea Canyon and some exquisite snorkeling. There's definitely a slower pace on Kauai.

The Big Island has the volcano. There's some wonderful hiking and definite temperature changes available. Not what you would expect to see in Hawaii.

You don't have to book something for every minute that your guests are there. Choose one or two group activities and that should be plenty in addition to the wedding and reception.

Remember to take into account the activity levels of your guests. I don't think great grandma Eloise will want to go sky diving. (or maybe she will)

The easiest thing to do is to poll your guests to find out their interests. You can then decide on your Hawaii wedding activities that are most likely to be enjoyed by all. The best part is just spending time with all of your loved ones who cared enough to travel with you for your wedding day.

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