Hawaii Wedding Dress

Beautiful, Traditional, Elegant or Casual Hawaiian Gowns

Hawaii wedding dress... Just the words bring a beautiful image to mind. They are often free flowing and tropical in feel.

There are many different kinds of Hawaiian wedding gowns available. A traditional wedding dress is the Hawaiian holoku. It has been worn in Hawaii since the 1800's and is thought to be a traditional Hawaiian wedding gown.

It was originally worn as a casual day dress or even a dressy evening gown. Today it is still worn by Hawaiians for special occasions and makes a lovely Hawaiian wedding dress if you would like to have a true traditional gown. You can find many traditional and contemporary versions of this dress at my favorite Hawaiian dress shop. Use the code hiwedguide for a 10% discount from them.

Many times you will see a slip dress with a colorful and tropical print on it. Whether you are looking for birds or flowers, there are many to choose from.

You can also find these in a white on white pattern. These are very pretty to see in the sun. The print really shows well in the sunlight. Many Hawaii destination brides choose to wear a sarong wedding dress. These come in many different colors and styles. You can wear a very casual cotton sarong with fringe. Some brides choose to wear a swim suit under the sarong.

There are also beautiful hand dyed silk sarongs available. These provide you with a more traditional wedding gown feel while still giving you a very tropical note to your wedding. Many brides choose to wear the sarong white for the ceremony and have it hand painted or dyed afterwards to continue to wear at home. Visit my sarong page to see an incredible sarong designer who can create any type of dress you have in mind.

The Hawaiian dress is many things. It is casual or formal. Colorful or white. One or two piece. It is what you envision it to be. It is after all, your Hawaiian wedding, and there are designers who can interpret your idea of the perfect dress.

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