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I have loved Hawaii and weddings for as long as I can remember. I've had a fascination with each that has had me researching and planning, not only for myself, but for friends and family.

My first visit to Hawaii was in 1999. I went with a friend. We only spent 3 days on Oahu and 7 days on Kauai. We were told on so many occasions, oh, you are going to be so bored. (Can you imagine?)

Anyway, needless to say, we weren't. We were 2 single girls and we still had a blast. Driving on Kauai with a jeep is so much fun!

After Hawaii, I met and married my husband. We had our wedding in our home city, and I planned it all. To me, the details were fun to plan.

We now have 2 children and, with work I just felt I didn't get to spend enough time with them. So, my husband and I decided I would cut down on the number of hours I worked.

This was nice, but there was a large loss of income. I thought, well, I'll just work from home.

I know, I know. Doing what? That was the same question my husband had. I tried many different things. They either required me to leave the house, weren't profitable or were just plain boring.

I spent a lot of money trying to find the right thing. Unfortunately, none of them ever delivered what they said they would.

During some research on Hawaii and travel, I came across a couple that sounded a lot like me. They were trying to earn money from their computer while traveling. The difference between them and me was, they were actually doing it.

I decided to check out their web hosting company. Little did I know at the time that SBI was much more than a hosting company. Much, much more.

Being my now skeptical self, I did go to the website and view the info. It really sounded too good to be true. You know what that means?

I researched the company extensively. I just couldn't find anything negative about them. On the contrary, all the SBIers that I found were more than happy (delighted even) with them.

They don't promise a get rich quick scheme. It's work to build a business. Hard work. They even offer a money back guarantee (which very seldom gets used).

SBI doesn't build my business for me, I do that. They give me all the technical tools I need to do it well, though.

You don't need any programming skills or website design knowledge. This website building process has all the tools you'll ever need. They take you by the hand and teach you step by step how to use everything with an action guide.

They even help you find the perfect topic for your website, how to build it and how to get traffic to it. Then they even teach you how to make money with it, no matter what it's about!

It's incredible the results you can have with SBI. Many SBI small business owners are in the top 1% of all the sites on the web.

If I sound gushy, it's because I am so happy to finally have what I wanted and needed. I now have my own business, and love what I am doing. I am here for my kids whenever they need me and we can travel when we want. No more job holding us down.

If you have ever dreamed of having your own business, and have a topic you are passionate about, take a few minutes and watch this video about what SBI can offer you. I think you, too, will be happy with the results.

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