Hawaiian Flower Leis

Perfect for Many Occasions

Hawaiian flower leis are seen everywhere in Hawaii. They are elegant and tropical and come in many different colors, styles and fragrances.

They have a rich tradition. The ancient Hawaiians would present leis to their gods during solemn religious ceremonies. Today you will continue to see leis given as an expression of love and aloha for many special occasions.

If you are planning a Hawaiian wedding in Hawaii or at home, a flower lei is the perfect addition. The bride, groom and wedding party can all wear a Hawaiian wedding lei.

Flowers from Hawaii

hawaiian flower leis

A local company with local florists and growers is the best way to go due to the fragility of the flowers and the difficulty in growing and maintaining them. Find beautiful Hawaiian and tropical leis with this company.

Some of the traditional favorites are plumeria, ginger, orchid, ilima and carnation. There are also wonderful kukui nut leis for the groom.

Usually a lei will only last a day. Hardy flower varieties can last several days with refrigeration. You can have flower delivery from Hawaii. They can also deliver them to your hotel.

For some added fun and a special touch, you could take a class in Hawaii or purchase a video and learn to make your own Hawaii wedding flowers.

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