Hawaiian Flowers

Diverse and Beautiful

Hawaiian flowers are as diverse and beautiful as the islands they come from. They are exotically fragrant and will conjure up thoughts of lazy breezy days. The flowers of Hawaii will leave you wanting more.

Tropical flowers of all kinds are a perfect addition to your wedding ceremony and reception. If you are having a post wedding celebration after you return home, they will help you bring Hawaii home to your friends and family.

In Hawaii, these flowers are used for all kinds of special occasions. You will often see Hawaii leis being given at the airport. This isn't just for the tourists. Many Hawaiians, as well, will give their guests Hawaiian flower leis to welcome them.

You can order Hawaii's exotic flowers directly from Hawaii for your celebration. You can also order them for your wedding in Hawaii and have them waiting for you at your hotel or delivered to your wedding destination.

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hawaiian flowers

A Hawaiian wedding lei can be made of several different kinds of flowers. Hawaiian wedding flowers and tropical wedding flowers are wonderfully fragrant and come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. They will lend that exotic feel to your day.

The Hawaii state flower is the yellow hibiscus. Hibiscus comes in many other colors, including pink and red, but yellow is the official state flower. It is large and truly lovely.

If you would like, you can have flower delivery from Hawaii. You can either go with a local or national florist, or with a farmer that will deliver right to your door. You can make your own incredible arrangements and tropical wedding bouquets.

Think about incorporating some of these beautiful flowers into your wedding or celebration. Once you enjoy them, you will want them around all the time.

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