Hawaiian Holoku

Traditional Hawaiian Wedding Dresses

The Hawaiian holoku is a traditional Hawaiian wedding dress dating back to the 1820's. It is still seen in many Hawaii weddings and formal events, including the annual Holoku Ball. A beautiful throwback to this incredible gown.

In a Hawaiian wedding, a holoku is part of the heritage and worn with grace and style. They are traditionally high waisted, loose fitting, with long sleeves and a high neck, very conservative. Today you will see many beautiful adaptations of this dress.

Many wedding dresses stay with the long train and high or no waistline. It is common to see short sleeves and sleeveless versions today. They still are commonly seen in comfortable fabrics which are perfect for a wedding dress: lace, cotton and eyelet. These are equally beautiful in a garden, church or beach.

Here is one of my favorite Hawaiian wedding dress designers. When you order from them be sure to enter the code hiwedguide for 10% off of your purchase. They have a large variety of dresses but are traditionally Hawaiian in design.


This is the Queen Kaahumanu wedding dress. If you are interested in traditional Hawaiian holoku wedding dresses this will fit the bill nicely. Beautifully designed and with great detail you will have a uniquely Hawaiian wedding dress but that is a throw back to the traditions of Hawaii. Enter code hiwedguide for 10% off of this incredible holoku wedding dress.

hawaiian holoku wedding dresses

This is the Kawehi Hawaiian wedding holoku. A very beautifully updated version of a traditional Hawaii holoku. A backless and strapless design that has a satin lining, ruffled train and a gorgeous white on white design. This will look beautiful in any location or venue for your wedding. Remember to enter hiwedguide for the code to receive 10% off of this incredible dress.

hawaiian holoku

This is the Kuuipo Hawaiian wedding holoku. Another beautiful updated version of a traditional holoku. High neck with a beautiful neck clasp this wedding holoku will allow the sun to kiss your shoulders. Fully lined and a ruffled hem, this gown is gorgeous! You will feel beautiful in this dress. Use the code hiwedguide for a 10% discount on your beautiful gown from this Hawaiian company.

Don't be surprised if you decide one of these classically updated or very traditional Hawaiian wedding dresses is perfect for you. There are many more incredible choices on their website so if you see one you like be sure to use our gift to you. The code hiwedguide gets you a 10% discount on your wedding gown.

A Hawaiian holoku is a perfectly beautiful choice.

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