Hawaiian Wedding Dresses

Beautiful in Many Settings

Choosing Hawaiian wedding dresses is easy to do. There aren't any hard and fast rules. This is where you get to be creative and let your style show and have fun.

Pick one that is a light fabric, comfortable to wear and will withstand being on a beach and near the water. The wear and tear on a beach wedding gown can be tremendous.

With that being said, there are some themes that are more commonly seen.

Simple Wedding Dresses

Simple wedding dresses are a great choice for your Hawaiian wedding. But, you don't want to go overboard on design elements.

It's fine to have some embellishments like beading and sequins, but keep them to a minimum. It's best not to place them near the hem, as well. If your dress will touch the floor (or sand) they may get caught and fall off or be difficult to clean later.

Take a look at this Hawaiian store for some incredible Hawaiian wedding gowns. This Hawaiian company has some of the most beautiful ones that I have found. They will also give you a 10% discount if you use the code hiwedguide.

Informal Wedding Dress


informal beach wedding dress is a perfect marriage ;) to a destination wedding or a wedding in Hawaii. There just isn't any reason to have a full veil and cathedral length train.

If you want to go with some formal touches, definitely do so. Just be prepared to keep everything else much less formal.

Casual Wedding Dress

This is where you can let your unique style show through. You can shop at an online boutique or go to your favorite department store.

There are so many casual wedding dresses out there. You can choose a sarong, tea length wedding dresses or a holoku. This is a wedding dress that is traditional to the Hawaiian islands.

It isn't necessary to try to fit in with traditional wedding standards. Choosing your perfect Hawaii wedding dress will allow you the wedding of your dreams.

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