Hawaiian Wedding Lei

Beautiful Flowers from the Hawaiian Islands

A Hawaiian wedding lei is very traditional for a Hawaii wedding. They are worn open or closed by the bride, bridesmaids, groom and groomsmen.

The most traditional is the maile lei. It is often worn by the minister and can be used to bind the hands of the couple as a sign of their unity. The groom can wear one as well, even woven with other fragrant flowers.

Leis are seen in many different colors, shapes and sizes. All of them are perfect for your wedding. There isn't one flower that is more proper than another. This makes it very easy to coordinate your wedding with your flowers.

hawaiian wedding lei

You can choose a wonderfully fragrant flower like the tuberose, rose, orchid or plumeria. You can also use these flowers for a corsage, boutonniere, table arrangements and a bride's bouquet. You can order your fresh Hawaiian leis and flowers directly from Hawaii.

It is customary for the groom to give a lei to the bride's parents and for the bride to give a lei to the groom's parents. This is a beautiful sign of respect and love.

So, enjoy the abundance of Hawaiian flowers. Celebrate the beautiful aloha spirit in your wedding with exotic Hawaiian leis.

photo credit Hawaii Flower Lei

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