Kukui Nut Leis

Perfect Groom Leis

Kukui nut leis are often seen in Hawaii as groom leis. In ancient times, the kukui nut was held in high regard and was reserved, only to be worn by Hawaiian chiefs and royalty.

Today, you will often see both men and women wearing them while performing the hula or other traditional dances.

Some interesting facts about the kukui nut:

kukui nut leis

  • The kukui nut tree is the state tree of Hawaii because of the many traditions associated with it.
  • The kukui kernel can be used to make oils and shampoos.
  • Small amounts of the roasted, chopped nuts are flavored with salt and sometimes chili peppers and eaten as the condiment Inamona.
  • The nut was often used to make the "Hu", a top-like toy.
  • The kukui nut is the most popular seed or nut used in lei making.
  • The kukui nut can be used as a traditional lei, a bracelet, an anklet or choker.

If you would like to order a kukui lei or Hawaiian flowers you can have them sent directly to you or have them waiting for you in Hawaii.

They come in many colors, although brown and black are most often seen. You can find them in white, gray, and multicolored zebra and tiger. They are usually polished to a high sheen and will last for years. If they start to lose their luster, simply give them a wipe with a cloth and some baby oil and their beauty will be restored.

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