Lau Lau Recipe

Yummy Hawaiian Luau Recipes or Plate Lunch

A good lau lau recipe is a staple for the Hawaiians. You can find it at any respectable luau, family gathering or on a cafe plate lunch. Luau recipes are often family or chef specific and laulau recipes are no different.

While most contain salted butterfish, beef, chicken or pork wrapped in taro or ti leaves and then steamed in the oven, there are many variations on the theme. Often the delicious butterfish (which is a real delicacy) is mixed with at least one meat. Sometimes vegetables are added or even all the meats can be mixed together.

6 (3 ounce fillets) Salted butterfish
Pieces of pork fat (optional but adds tons of flavor to the dish)
3 (6 ounce) boneless chicken breasts
1-2 lb pork (or beef) roast, cut into pieces
salt to taste
6-12 taro or ti leaves

Optional ingredients:
Green beans
Sweet potato
Favorite veggies

Gently steam your taro leaves to soften but be sure to shock in cold water to retain color.

Lay out your ti/taro leaves and place equal amounts of ingredients into each one, add sea salt to taste, wrap them and place into another leaf to wrap in the opposite direction. This will help to keep them together.

Place into a deep dish pan, close together. Cook in a 350 degree oven for about one hour or until done. They will simply steam in the leaves.

Makes 6 servings

If you want to stay traditional cook with the meats if you want to get adventurous and creative, add any ingredients that you enjoy. This can be simply your meat dish or a full on meal.
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