Make your Own Wedding Invitation

Do It Yourself, Be Creative

There are so many choices out there, and you've decided to make your own wedding invitation. Scrapbooking and all that comes with it is very popular, and there's good reason!

Why settle for run of the mill wedding invitations when you can have extremely personalized ones that were made by you?

You can purchase elegant paper and ribbons or purchase a diy kit. There are templates to print your own or you can hire a calligrapher(or do it yourself!)

When you make homemade wedding invitations, most of your supplies can be purchased locally from a craft store or scrapbooking store. It's possible you may need to go online to a scrapbooking or wedding invitation site to purchase some hard to find items, especially if you live in a more remote area.

You will be surprised with the choices you have if you look close to home. If you know how to scrapbook, you know how to make wedding invitations.

Handmade Wedding Invitation

  • When you make wedding invitations, start with a heavy paper background card. Choose a color to complement your wedding. A heavier gauge stock is preferable. A lightly colored or printed paper is fine or go with a single color and use more embellishments later.

  • Choose an overlay and use word processing software to print your invitation or hire (or do it yourself) a calligrapher and create a master which can then be copied for the rest. Choose a translucent vellum to see the background card underneath. This is especially important with a printed card stock. Choose an opaque white for darker background cards.

  • Fasten the two together with embellishments. Ribbon, wire, raffia are all good places to start. Get creative and add shells, flowers, leaves, or anything to compliment your theme.

You will be so happy with your homemade wedding invitations. This is a great way to have the bridal party or future in-laws help. There are a lot of ideas to be had with a little brainstorming. Have fun!

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