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When you visit Hawaii and rent a car, a map is a necessity. You can purchase a map of Hawaii before you come to the islands or you can pick them up when you get here.

There are lots of great free maps available to you and they are easy to find. The first place you will see them is in the airport when you get off of the plane.

You will also find them at the car rental agencies, restaurants, shopping areas and all of the major resort areas.

Although they will help you navigate the tourist areas, you may need to purchase a more detailed map for hiking or areas less traveled.

These companies have a map for anything you might need. Right now you can receive 5% OFF all orders. Use promotion code HEAT5 upon checkout to receive your discount. They also have great travel guides for all of the islands that are easy to carry. Or Save 10% at the Rand McNally Store, be sure to enter promo code SAVE10 at checkout!

Here are some of the more useful free publications to look for once you are in Hawaii.


If you're renting a car, and most folks do, the one publication you need to pick up is a drive guide. Hawaii Drive Guides are published exclusively for the car rental agencies.

You will receive a free copy with your car rental. There are different editions for Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Hawaii and Molokai.

The Hawaii Drive Guides have the best driving maps of each island that you will find. The maps show beaches, gas stations, and major visitor attractions.


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Spotlight Hawaii Publishing produces a quarterly magazine for each of the four major islands: Big Island Gold, Kauai Gold, Maui Gold and Oahu Gold.

They also provide information on activities, attractions, nightlife and shopping. Spotlight's Gold Magazines have numerous articles about each of the islands as well as a calendar of events for the quarter.

Each magazine also provides an excellent map at the back of each edition. Their Maui Gold edition has 12 separate maps covering the island of Maui.

Each issue will also provide an excellent dining guide, providing in-depth information on the restaurants of each island.


If the beach, golfing, and water activities are for you, then you'll be sure to want to pick up a copy of Alaka'i Publishing's Beach and Activity Guides.

Their map of Hawaii Beach and Activity Guides are available for the Big Island of Hawaii, Kauai and Maui.

Every edition contains detailed information on the beaches of each island. There are photos and descriptions of each beach as well as a detailed list of the types of facilities that are available at each one.

They also contain detailed information on all of the water activities available such as diving, fishing, kayaking, snorkeling and sea tours.

They also give details on finding the right golf course for you. There are maps available to find all of these activities, as well.


You will find many more publications available. Every island has their own unique ones.

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