Things To Do In Hawaii

Top 10 Tips

The things to do in Hawaii are as varied as the islands themselves. No need to worry about how to go about it, though. These top 10 tips will set you on your way.

1. If you are open to the date for your travel, or wedding, choose the off season. Prices for flights, hotels and other expenses will be drastically lower.

2. Be sure to pack different kinds of clothes. The weather in Hawaii isn't always sunshine. Although , you can easily travel to a different part of the island to get better weather. If you are going into the mountains of Hawaii or visiting a Hawaii volcano it can get chilly. There are also frequent showers (don't worry, they don't last long) that may require some rain gear.

3. Be sure to bring water-resistant disposable cameras. Taking pictures while snorkeling or boating will be much easier!

4. Buy your tour packages before coming to Hawaii. The advertising is everywhere! Not, only is it convenient to already have your plans made before coming, it will probably be much cheaper, as well.

things to do in hawaii

5. Be sure to get an early start to your day. Some of the best tours start early. You will find the best ocean, wind and weather conditions in the morning.

6. If your trip includes children, be sure to bring them along. Most tours welcome all ages.

7. Mid December to April is when the whales migrate to Hawaii. If you are here during this time, be sure to book a whale watching tour. It will be the highlight of your time in Hawaii.

8. Take a helicopter tour or bus tour of the island early in your trip. This will allow you to get a feel for the places you would like to go back and explore in more detail.

9. Always check the surf report or speak with the locals before going to the beach. Not all of them are swimming friendly.

10. Be sure to use lots of sunscreen, sunglasses, hat and drink plenty of fluids. The wonderful Hawaii breeze can be deceiving. A sunburn or heat stroke would surely ruin your stay!

Coming to Hawaii is often a dream vacation. Follow these easy tips for things to do in Hawaii and make your stay unforgettable!

photo credit: Chuck Painter

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