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Tropical wedding bouquets are a natural fit for a Hawaiian wedding or a Hawaii wedding at home. Just how do you go about using these wonderfully exotic flowers?

There are several different ways of going about it. The most obvious is to go to your florist and describe what you envision. They will be able to then design beautiful arrangements for you.

Looking for something a little less expensive or wanting to put your own personal stamp on your wedding?

tropical wedding bouquets

Great! It's not uncommon to see brides want to do their flowers themselves. A tropical bridal bouquet is a fun way to start with your own flowers.

Remember you can find tropicals in a wide assortment of colors, shapes, sizes and even fragrances. Some flowers you may want to start with are orchids, strelitzia (better known as the bird of paradise), anthuriums, plumeria, and hibiscus. You can use many different flowers of Hawaii in your bouquet and arrangements.

Ready to make your own tropical bridal bouquets , take a look at this fabulous site. She will show you not only how to make the arrangement, but where to find the right supplies at a reasonable cost. Lots of great pictures!

Tropical bouquets are not only something different but beautiful, as well. With a little preparation and creativity, you can make your own wonderfully exotic arrangements.

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