Tropical Wedding Flowers

Simple and Elegant

Tropical wedding flowers are gaining in popularity all over the world, not just in Hawaii. They can offer a splash without going over the top.

Available year round they can be shipped throughout the world. They will be easy to come by for your Hawaiian wedding, there are many flower growers right on the islands.

In Hawaii, the flower is used in many different celebrations. You have an abundance of choices available to you. By choosing a local company, you will have the expertise of knowledgble growers, florists and artisans available to you. You can order directly from Hawaii for the freshest and most authentic flowers. Here are some options you may want to consider.

credit HTA/Kirk Lee Aeder
tropical wedding flowers There is the beautiful and simple orchid. They are wonderful for bouquets, table arrangements and as boutonnieres. The combination of orchids, lilies and roses are beautiful and they smell great too!

credit BIVB
heliconia Heliconia is an incredibly architectural plant. They are often seen in table arrangements and can be very striking. The yellows and reds are nice additions to most settings.

Anthuriums are also know as flamingo flowers. They are seen in tropical colors such as pink, white, green, red and burgundy. They are usually seen in table arrangements and bouquets. They make wonderful Hawaiian wedding flowers.

You can choose an all white, soft pastel or brightly colored tropical flower combination. Add in some Hawaiian flower leis and you will have a very tropical wedding or celebration that will be uniquely yours.

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