Tropical Wedding Invitations

Get Ready for the Sun

Tropical wedding invitations will definitely let everyone know what great things are in store for them with your destination wedding. With destination weddings becoming more popular (Hawaii weddings in particular) there's just no better way to say let's have some fun.

But, what is it exactly? Well, it's what you think of when you think of warm trade winds, beaches and sunny days.

tropical wedding invitations

These beautiful invitations come in save the date cards, as well to perfectly match for your island style wedding or tropical destination wedding. They are available in 5 different colors to match your tropical theme.

tropical wedding invitation

This delicately printed hibiscus invitation is very understated. It is available in 4 different colors to match your wedding. There are matching response cards, reception cards, direction cards and thank you cards.

Destination Wedding in Hawaii

  • They are usually casual wedding invitations. You will, after all, probably be on a beach or close to it. The colors can be brighter, the font less formal and the wording can be creative. The wording for the wedding invitations can come more from the heart instead of a stuffy book.

  • Flowers are popular. Choose Hawaiian flowers like hibiscus, orchid and plumeria. You can also incorporate these into your wedding ceremony and wedding reception when you return home.

  • Obviously a beach wedding invitation needs to be considered if that is going to be your location for the ceremony.

  • Some companies that you can purchase wedding invitations from offer a scented invitation. There are tons of choices for this.

  • When using embellishments, you can choose flowers, seashells or a multitude of fun items. Flip flops, a bottle of sunscreen or a flower lei (all in miniature) are creative ideas.

You can surely come up with more ideas for you destination wedding. The tropical theme has so many options to choose from. The difficult part may be in actually choosing.

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