Wedding Reception Invitations

Celebrate with Family and Friends

Do you really need wedding reception invitations? Well, when you return from your destination wedding, one of the first things you'll want to do is have a celebration with all of your family and friends who couldn't make it to the wedding.

You can use them to get all the information out to everyone. Be sure to include everyone who couldn't make it to the wedding. Even though they couldn't make it, they will want to celebrate the occasion with you. You could also invite those who were able to attend the wedding as well. Include the date, time and location and if there will be a theme.

wedding reception invitations

They should reflect the feel and formality of your wedding, just as your wedding invitations did. If you had handmade invitations then go ahead and use the same for your reception invitation.

If you made them yourself or if you had someone hand make them, try to use the same person for the reception invitations for the same look and feel.

They can be very similar, same color, font and embellishments if you wish, or you could go with something else that has a party theme to it.

You could have a beach theme or add some elements from the resort you were married at.

If you are returning from a Hawaii wedding, a Hawaiian wedding reception is a great idea. It could be very similar to your reception you had in Hawaii.

Tiki torches, a luau with a pig roast and Hawaiian foods are great ways to continue your tropical wedding feel. It would be easy to incorporate these into your reception invitations for a fun party theme.

Your reception invitation can really be exactly as you want it to be. Have fun, get creative and plan that party!

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