Wedding Shower
Invitation Wording

There's Fun to Come

Your wedding shower invitation wording will set the tone for your entire wedding shower. You can match the wedding shower invitations to the theme of your wedding by color, formality, embellishments and wording.

A handmade invitation is a nice way to go for not only the wedding shower invitations but also the wedding invitations.

The wedding shower invitation itself can be less formal. If you are having a destination wedding it's nice to incorporate that into the wedding shower invitation as well.

Your Wedding Shower Invitation Should Include

  • The bride's full name and groom too if it's for both

  • The date, time and location of the shower

  • The name, phone number, and date to RSVP to

  • Name who will be hosting the shower

  • Be sure to list where the bride is registered for gifts

  • Is there a theme to the shower? If it is a garden, beach or kitchen shower be sure to let everyone know

  • If it's to be a surprise, be sure to say so in the invitation

  • If there will be travel involved with the shower, let them know. By limo or bus and an itinerary if possible

Let everyone know there is a party ahead and to expect to have some fun. Be personal in your wording and tone. Remember, this doesn't have to be real formal. Just get the info out there.

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